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What We Do

RJM Management is a commercial real estate services company that operates primarily in the mid-atlantic region. RJM's professional group includes property management, leasing, acquisitions and development as well as advisory and legal services. RJM provides these services for office buildings, retail strip centers, mixed-use projects and warehouse properties, town centers, mixed use, hotels, executive homes and affordable housing. Our services collectively comprise hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial and residentialspace in the mid-atlantic region.

RJM Management provides services for the industry's best:

  • Retail Shopping Centers 

  • Office Parks 

  • Industrial Centers 

  • Corporate Residential Housing

  • Town Centers

  • Hotels 


Property Management


RJM Management provides comprehensive property management services for commercial and residential property owners. RJM Management has established itself as a leading provider of these services by delivering unsurpassed expertise and experience to all aspects of property management.

You can look to RJM Management to provide a single source for all of your needs which include:

  • Establishment of building service contracts

  • Maintenance of buildings at the highest quality standards

  • 24 hour emergency maintenance service

  • Inspections

  • Contractor management

  • Collections

RJM is committed to continually improving the built environment, creating value for the community, partners, tenants and employees, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and dependability. RJM managed assets consistently surpass objectives for tenant satisfaction and high occupancy levels. Our management process professionals work as a cohesive team and improve asset performance.

Commercial leasing delivers a full range of leasing and tenant services from concept through occupancy for more than 9.8 million square feet of commercial space. The company's operating portfolio is 90 percent leased.

"RJM Management is a proactive property management company who addresses potential problems before it ever becomes an issue." ~ AFR




RJM Managemet's Leasing Group is based on the core attitude of customer satisfaction through value and creating long term relationships with tenants by providing the perfect location for their business or residential needs. RJM's leasing group streamlines the leasing process to maximize speed to market, and reduce costs to the tenant.

Looking for the right space?

With an extensive inhouse portfolio, we can find the right space to make your business dreams a reality whether it is:

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Mixed use

  • Town centers

  • Hotels

  • Residential

"Wow!... We were able to get from application to a fully executed lease within 48 hours with RJM's leasing group. It helped to making things easier with getting by business off the ground right away." ~ NC, Tenant




RJM Management's Acquisitions Group provides full service acquisitions to entitlements for its investors and customers.

The Acquisitions Group provides services for the full life cycle during an acquisition including:

  • Identification

  • Offer/proposal

  • Due deligence

  • Negotiation of purchase agreement

  • Funding

  • Closing

"The Acquisition Group delivered on its word by providing us a comprehensive study and close on a recent acquisition. They were on top of everything from the start. Definitely a great team we could count on." ~ AJR Investors




RJM Management's Development Group is an experienced builder in commercial and residential assets including retail, office, industrial, mixed use, hotel, and residential.

Across the industry, our Development Group is recognized for its quality, cost effectiveness, design innovation, and for its best in class construction management process.

RJM takes great pride in and embraces the responsibility that accompanies all of its development activities. In order to creat the most desireable environments. RJM has cultivated product-focuese teams led by a skilled senior development officer in each of the following product types: office, residential, and retail.​

We have worked with world-renowned architecture and development firms including Bignell Watkins Hasser, L.F. Jennings and others on projects in and around the mid-Atlantic region. Our Development Group provides best-in-class preconstruction and construction services for its development projects. RJM's construction experts posses a wealth of specialized experience that ensures that each project is completed on time and on budget while maintaining our standard of excellence. The team has successfully managed several new and revitalization construction projects that uphold our highest standards, exceeding all expectations.

"The RJM Development team went from design to build in less time and cost than we ever imagined." ~ AQR, Tenant




RJM Managemet's Advisory Group offers legal services to provide the best representation for:

  • Lease transactions

  • Resolution of issues

  • Entitlements

  • Permits

  • Zoning

"RJM's in-house legal group made negotiating our final lease fast and efficient. Thank you!" ~ NC, Tenant





We specialize in curating diverse retail in mixed-use and public space environments that activate entire neighborhoods. Our placemaking expertise revolves around our unique ability to envision and assemble retail that supports communities and creates regional destinations with oustanding user experiences. This skilled focus coupled with in-depth knowledge of real estate, markets, product types and retail trends is a proven formula for success.


Each property in RJM's broad industrial portfolio reflects a value achieved through its presence in an urban venue. The strategic mix of uses, imaginative development concepts, and the creative use of industrial zoning can provide significant value for all types of businesses.


For more than 20 years, RJM has played a leading role, developing and revitalizing some of the region's most important office and mixed-use properties.


RJM is on the site planning stages on several new potential hotel developments in the Washington DC area, to meet the demands of the tourist and business traveler.  Stay tuned for the next growth era of RJM Management as a premier owner and operator of flagship hotels in the mid-Atlantic..


We have managed many impressive residential properties, enriching established neighborhoods and enhancing the pace and quality of new growth areas. From the super large to the super affordable, to dynamic mixed-use communities in the suburbs, every property developed and managed by RJM is designed to be a distinctive destination.


RJM Cares


For more than 20 years, RJM has been a leader in supporting the people, organizations, and causes that preserve and enhance our stared, lived environment.

By investing our resources, experise, and volunteer time, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to achieve significant and tangible impact in the following critical areas of community development - because we thrive when our communities thrive.

Affordable Housing

Invested in advancing affordable housing, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to invest and develop on the construction and preservation of affordable housing in the region. We also seek to support prominent and effective organizations that raise awareness and advocate for innovative approaches to the issue of affordable housing.

Poverty in the Community

Committed to enhancing the lived environment through our investments, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to develop strategic partnerships with organizations what educate, enrich and facilitate the lives of the financially disadvantaged. We seek to not only support organizations that promote but also to integrate a diverse range skilled labor into our projects and existing developments. We believe this will help not only educate and inspire, but also provide a showcase for local talent - all while lifting them out of poverty.


Dedicated to education, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to maintain strategic partnerships with organizations that focus directly on literacy and early education in the region while also maintaining consistent support for prominent and effective organizations that pursue broader education initiatives.

Environmental Responsibility

Loyal to smart growth, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to support organizations that enhance and preserve the environment through efforts to improve and raise awareness about energy efficiency, clean water, clean air, sustainable materials and products, and preserving natural habitats.

Equal Rights

Committed to equal rights, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to support organizations whose missions are focused on equal rights for women, ethnic groups, and other disenfranchised minority groups.


By committing ourselves to the goals of smart growth and civic responsibility, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to develop buildings that improve communities while preserving our environment and conserving our resources. Sustainability efforts are centered upon creating value through the strategic design, development and management of properties that result in energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction. We believe in an alignment of our business practices with the principals of sustainable growth.

Organizations We Support




RJM is a firm of more than 100 employees, independent contractors, vendors and agents, striving to serve our tenants and the communities in which we operate. We are fortunate to have an abundance of ambitious, energetic and intelligent colleagues who are passionate about their work. Carrying on the tradition bugun over 20 years ago by our founders, the firm fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration and meritocracy for all colleagues.


Our employees reflect the company's commitment to the community, participating regularly in its charitable RJM NEXTGEN program that supports many worthy endeavors.


RJM is owned and managed by a diverse Board of Directors with many interdisciplinary skills including real estate, law, tax, capital markets and more.

In addition, the company has the following corporate governance committees:

  • Audit

  • Governance

  • Architectural Review

  • Legal Review




Main Office

1934 Gallows Road

Vienna, Virginia 22182

Process Center

1390 Chain Bridge Road Suite 170

McLean, Virginia 22101

Phone: 703-992-7300

Fax: 877-288-8073

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